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Startup and commissioning is risky business.

Startup and commissioning accounts for barely 5% of all operations. In fact, most engineers participate in one only every couple of years. It’s during these types of non-routine activities that 70% of major accidents occur.

You may only have a few personnel with solid startup practices and that knowledge may be at risk due to employee attrition or an aging workforce. Without the proper resources and skill sets, you open the door to several startup risks, including:

  • Delayed or missed production date
  • Added capital expense costs (overruns)
  • Lost revenue (extended project timeline)
  • Additional operating expense with no production
  • Environmental, health and safety risks

Under these conditions, attempting to execute effective startups without a proven process in place puts your entire operation at risk — financially and physically.

What’s non-routine for you is every day for us.

Your path to startup and commissioning doesn’t have to be risky. MAVERICK’s proven SureStart® planning process, along with our eStart® digital commissioning tool, takes advantage of the efficiencies we’ve gained through years of experience to help you start up smarter — and sooner. Utilizing this tool, we can save time with digital loop folders and provide up-to-the-minute progress reports to eliminate scheduling issues and unexpected delays. Our team has worked together on thousands of projects, which allows us to effectively partner with your team for greater safety. Your operational expertise, combined with our startup experience, yields a safer startup environment.

As a platform-independent automation solutions provider, MAVERICK Technologies works hard with your team to help you make informed, unbiased decisions on which platforms to use based on our years of experience on numerous systems and platforms. We help you look at your process operations in new ways and then propose the right solution for your business – one that provides the right tools and data to your operators at the right time so they can make informed decisions that properly support your business objectives.

With more than $1 billion of automation services delivered across more than 17,500 successful projects, MAVERICK has the experience, resources and know-how to make your project an unqualified success. Our 100+ commissioning and construction managers, technicians and electricians perform more than 50 startups each year.

If you have a tough and complex project, MAVERICK’s team brings its expertise and proven SureStart process to ensure successful project execution.

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